Half-cut glass
Hands full
The link between the images in this collection is they're all shots of women I've photographed whilst walking around London. Lots are waiting or are on what seems to be a break from work and lots are doing what we all tend to do in our breaks these days; looking at or holding our phones.
Street Portraits (colour)
I spend a lot of time on the streets of London. Walking the city opens you up to a wealth of characters diverse in every way. I love portrait photography and in particular street photography where the subject is captured in an honest and unprepared state. What they are wearing, who they are with and the impromptu expressions they give are authentic portrayals of the persons character.
South Kensington Station
South Kensington Station is quite majestic. As you walk round any of its neighbouring corners whether its Pelham Street, Onslow Square or Old Brompton Road, it appears, gleaming like a classic car in perfect nick. Its body work is impeccable, its white racing stripes are perfectly placed and its curves the epitome of a Mark 1 Jag. It even has grills which you can imagine cover and protect well oiled vintage machinery. Its deep ox blood red becomes the perfect backdrop for the graceful and elegant people that tend to frequent the area and I just can't resist admiring her if I'm in the area.
The Most Holy Redeemer
I stumbled across this humble little church a few years ago now and was intrigued initially by its unusual 1950s design. The Roman Catholic Church is in Harold Hill, an estate build to house working class people bombed out of East London during the war. It's nestled opposite a row of small shops and a pub called The Cockney Gent. Whilst taking a photograph of the church from the pavement one day, I was approached by Rev Tan who asked if i'd photograph the children during their first communion. I olbliged and have been photographing the service every year. The church serves a diverse local parish and has served me with some colourful characters to shoot for this growing collection.
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